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Cold Headed Screws & Fastener

What is a cold headed fastener?  Cold Heading is a rapid and more efficient method to produce both standard and special fasteners and custom shaped components. It is also known as Cold Forming.

Cold Headed Fastener | Cold Headed ScrewsThis is what happens during the process. A slug of wire is cut off and pushed into a die. Once through, it is then bent in an outward direction, thus the name heading. Through this process, metal is formed and usually involves changing the diameter of a wire as an extrusion.

This method offers numerous types of equipment to head parts, from screws to shoulders to fasteners. Cold heading is superior to screw machining in the sense that the parts coming off are complete and has very minimal scrap. Moreover, it generates significant raw material savings compared to that of screw machining.


High Performance Tri-Roundular Thread Forming Fasteners

High Performance Tr-Roundular Thread Forming Fasteners

The High Performance Tri-Roundular Thread Forming Fasteners are equivalents to Taprite™ and Plastite™. Availabality: for metal or plastic, inch or metric. The High Performance Tri-Roundular Thread Forming Fasteners allow for the tightest fit.


Fastener: 6-Lobe Recess Drives

6-Lobe Recess Drives

The Six Lobe Recess Drives have become a very popular drive system because of its excellent screw driving performance when the recess is properly manufactured. The features include, but not limited to:


Fastener: Knurls


Special customized gear-like teeth that are formed to the customer’s specifications. Knurling is a manufacturing process, typically conducted on a lathe, whereby a visually-attractive diamond-shaped (criss-cross) pattern is cut or rolled into metal. This pattern allows hands or fingers to get a better grip on the knurled object than would be provided by the originally-smooth metal surface.


Fastener: Solid Rivets and Pins

Solid Rivets and Pins

Fastener dimensions offers a custom made to order program for pins and wire bent products. If you are looking for a special fastener to fit you application please contact one of our sales reps.


Custom Screws | Customized Shoulder Screws

Custom Screws

When shopping for hardware type screws you will have many options. One type of hardware screw which is used from time to time is the custom screw.


Screws with Special Heads

Screws with Special Heads

Looking for screws with special heads? Look no further. Mid-States Screw Corporation offers many types of special head screws and fasteners. We can also gladly work with you on your "custom" design and produce exactly what you have in mind. Please contact us at 1-815-397-2440 to lear more about the options and capabilities.


Screws: Indented Hex Washer/ Head Flange

Indented Hex Washer

Mid-States Screw Corporation manufactures the top quality Indented Hex Washers/ Head Flanges. Please contact us at 1-815-397-2440 to lear more about the options and capabilities.


Screws: Under Head Serrations

Under Head Serrations

 Lock down the fastener and prevent it from backing out (loosening).


Screws: Special Threads

Special Threads

Special thread screws can be manufactured to the customer’s specifications. Meeting your individual demands is our aim: Requirements which exceed standard dimensions regarding depth of thread, form, pitch, or thread angle are processed on demand.


Fastener: Trim

Fastener | Screw Trim

We can customize the shape of the head of the fastener. You'll find a wide variety of trim head screws at Mid States Screw Corporation. We manufacture trim head screws in a variety of sizes and thread styles with a secure site and fast shipping.


Screws: Slots

Screws: Slots

Slot screw | You can buy various high quality slot screw & other high performance deck screws from us. Our engineers will be happy to make custom made slot screws for your needs.


Shaving, Pointing, Grooving, Drilling

Sample Image

We have Townsend Shaving machines that allow us to cut customized grooves and points. We can also drill holes in special parts.


Our Competitive Advantage

Some companies make only small screws. Some make only big screws. We stand out from our competition because we manufacture all types of special & custom screws ranging from very small to very big in the highest quality. 

We also understand time is important. That is why we react very quickly to all our customer's needs.

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