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Let Us Help with Your Fastener Engineering & Prototyping

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screw-engineeringMid-States Screw Corporation has over 50 years of fastener engineering and rapid prototyping experience. All our departments work together from concept through finished product enabling Mid-States Screw to provide outstanding service and top quality.

At Mid-States Screw Corporation, our Engineering Department uses Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. We prefer to quote to prints; however, we can quote with customer-provided samples when prints are unavailable. Prints can be faxed, e-mailed, or mailed for quotation. Upon receipt of an inquiry, we will generate a print for customer approval.

Get a Quote Now!

The Engineering Department receives input from our shop foreman on all quotation requests which is instrumental in our quoting process. You can expect a quotation response typically in three working days or sooner.

Contact us today via 1-888-354-6772 (toll free). We at Mid-States Screw Corporation will be happy to assist you.


Our Competitive Advantage

Some companies make only small screws. Some make only big screws. We stand out from our competition because we manufacture all types of special & custom screws ranging from very small to very big in the highest quality. 

We also understand time is important. That is why we react very quickly to all our customer's needs.

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